Buy our coffee

It is no secret that we as a team like our coffee! In our Autumn Term Unwrapped 2023 , we estimated that over the term we drank 400 coffees during work. There is a distinct possibility that this estimate could be too low! We also like good coffee and want it to be ethically sourced. We have developed a relationship with a coffee company based in North Devon, who are producing coffee on our behalf. This means that you can buy a high quality coffee, secure in the knowledge that it is ethically sourced. You can even read about the farmers who have supplied the coffee. As you sip your morning brew, you will also be making a difference to the lives of young people. All the work is handled by the coffee company, who then pass on a donation for each bag sold.

Steve Nuth, the owner of Dancing Road Coffee said “Five years ago, I learnt enough about filmmaking to tell the story of how coffee can be used to fund and facilitate mission. I was able to visit a mountain  region in Uganda where coffee was being sold in order to fund, Christian mission, education and healthcare. I came back to the UK with a fire in my heart to try and bring their coffee to sell in the UK. It is exciting to work with Youth for Christ Gloucestershire, so that the profits made from every transaction from farm to cup helps to fund the spreading of the good news of Jesus.”

You can buy the coffee in individual bags as beans or ground coffee. You can also set up a regular subscription order. With five coffees to choose from, you can try to find your favourite.

Grab a coffee