• Jars of faith

      Jars of faith

      A number of months ago we asked a few of our trusted friends to pray for us and see if they felt God had anything to say to us. We were looking at various options for our work and wanted wisdom before proceeding. Each person came back with a similar and encouraging message but one passage of scripture stood out in particular.

    • Daniel Schulz

      Introducing Daniel

      Daniel joined us in September at the start of his gap year with Youth For Christ.  Daniel is from near Brunswick in Germany and is taking a gap year having finished school this year.

    • Caitlin

      Introducing Caitlin

      Once again we start a new academic year and we are welcoming new members to the team.  This year Caitlin and Daniel join us on a gap year with YFC One, the national year out programme of Youth For Christ.  We will introduce Daniel soon but first up is Caitlin from Fife in Scotland.

    • YFC One volunteers

      Heading home

      The school year comes to an end and with it so does the team.  Having joined us in September as part of the YFC One gap year programme, Louissa, Bekky and Troy move on to a variety of things next year.  We asked them to tell us a little about their year.

    • YFC One volunteer

      Bekky's year

      It has been a busy start to the year for YFC One volunteer Bekky in her placement at her church, Holy Trinity in Tewkesbury.  Our volunteers are involved in working with the young people in their host church.  Besides the regular youth work Bekky has been involved in a number of other events with the church this term.

    • Pray 365

      Starting with Jesus

      Just over two years ago we committed ourselves to grow a greater culture of prayer within the life of our ministry. We have moved things forward but 2017 is time for a jump. Along with the whole of YFC in Britain we are committing to a year of prayer. We are committing to start with Jesus, each day in surrender to Him. We choose to stand with Jesus, standing firm in Him as we journey with Him. Finally we choose to stay with Jesus in unswerving commitment to Him and His mission.