• Pete West

    A surprising birthday gift

    How did you choose to spend your birthday last year?  If you had a special birthday would you choose a party, a nice meal out, a holiday or a 100km walk?  We are sure most of us would choose any of the first three options in preference over a 100km walk.  Yet one of our supporters, Pete West has chosen the last option to celebrate his 60th birthday.

  • C2C

    Paul's 50 Challenges

    In my head I am still 30, alas my body tells me something different.  More importantly my birth certificate confirms I am most definitely not 30 but will in fact turn 50 in December 2019.  I know it is hard to believe!  Most of you are now realising that in fact I do not dye my hair grey, it is just my natural colour. 

  • Soul Space

    Soul Space

    On the week beginning the 19th March Youth for Christ Gloucestershire paired up with the Tewkesbury schools team to deliver a week long project called Soul Space.  The week was designed to provide an opportunity for young people to have a space where they can discover God, prayer and space to reflect.

  • Jars of faith

    Jars of faith

    A number of months ago we asked a few of our trusted friends to pray for us and see if they felt God had anything to say to us. We were looking at various options for our work and wanted wisdom before proceeding. Each person came back with a similar and encouraging message but one passage of scripture stood out in particular.

  • Daniel Schulz

    Introducing Daniel

    Daniel joined us in September at the start of his gap year with Youth For Christ.  Daniel is from near Brunswick in Germany and is taking a gap year having finished school this year.

  • Caitlin

    Introducing Caitlin

    Once again we start a new academic year and we are welcoming new members to the team.  This year Caitlin and Daniel join us on a gap year with YFC One, the national year out programme of Youth For Christ.  We will introduce Daniel soon but first up is Caitlin from Fife in Scotland.