Cotswold Way Challenge

Cotswold Way Challenge
The Cotswold Way Challenge is part of the Ultra Challenge Series of events and is a 100km walk from Bath’s Royal Crescent to Dean Close School, Cheltenham.  The walk can be completed in two days or in one continuous walk over the weekend of 30th June– 1st July.  When Josh announced his intention to take on the challenge at the end of 2017 it seemed a long way off but it is now only fifty days away.

We are really excited to announce that one of our supporters, Pete West from St Mark Church in Cheltenham, will be joining Josh on the walk.  June 30th marks Pete’s 60th birthday and he has chosen to celebrate by walking 100km in the name of taking the Good News to young people!  Pete has said that if people want to get him something for his birthday they can donate to our cause.  We love it when our supporters are so passionate about our work they are willing to forsake things in the name of the gospel!

With 50 days left until Josh and Pete undertakes their mammoth walk to raise money for our work they are stepping up their training routine and can sometimes be seen walking the many hills of Gloucestershire.  If you spot them make sure to say hello!

Josh is currently at 30% of his £2500 sponsorship target.  If you would like to Sponsor Josh please visit his sponsorship page.
Pete would like to raise at least £1000.  To sponsor Pete please visit his sponsorship page.
It is an immense challenge and we are incredibly grateful for the amazing effort that Josh and Pete are putting in to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus.  If you want to find out about the event and the route they will be taking, please visit
There is a possibility that we may have a London Marathon 2019 entry available for anyone interested in running in aid of our work.  If you would like to enquire about the possibility of this, please email Paul to find out details.